Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Theater Acting Auditions in Chicago

We are casting actors to audition for a play in the Chicago area. We are casting 4 actors and actresses to audition for a crowd scene in a play being casted in the Chicago area. We are looking for actors and actresses from various acting and talent levels to audition for this play. This is a theater acting audition in Chicago, so those not in the area should not apply.

This casting call is for actors and actresses in the Chicago area as the play will be presented in the Chicago area. The casting call has also been advertised on Comcast Chicago. We will be seeking theater actors and actresses to audition over the next weeks and month. The play will start in August.

If you meet the criteria apply for this theater audition and live in the Chicago area, please email with pictures and acting resume.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Casting Actress in Chicago for Short Movie

Actress needed for a short movie being filmed in Chicago, IL. Acting talent should be within age 30 - 40 and will play the role of a trophy wife living in the city of Chicago.

Actress for this movie should be beautiful and charming. Have a bit of allure to her. We are casting actresses of all hair color, but the actress must be skinny and in shape.

Casting for Chicago, IL Movie Details
Filming for movie should last roughly 2 months. Actress will be paid $2,800 plus movie credit and percentage of future revenue. Actress must live in Chicago, IL area.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Actors Needed for several acting roles in Chicago

We are helping out with the casting call for several actors who are needed for an acting audition in Chicago.

Acting Roles we are Casting for:
Male - To play a 27-35 year old. (average build)
Female - To play a 25-33 year old. (Slim/Athletic-Average build)
Casting for two roles for "Pinky Promise" A short (6 min) film to go into production Mid January.
This will be shot on a Red One camera and submitted to many festivals. We're going to market the hell out of this. So exposure is a Guarantee.
Fortunately for YOU the pay is $400 per role for two days of filming.

Movie Acting Synopsis: Pinky Promise is a short film about a mans struggle after unknowingly choosing his passion over his partner and his journey to
revisit key moments in his relationship in hopes to have the chance to start over. A chance to keep a promise he made. a Pinky Promise.

Actors and actresses of all experience levels are encouraged to send in an audition tape. We are hoping to get as many acting audition tapes as possible to review.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Audition for Chicago High School Film Documentary

Award-winning director seeks outspoken 18 year old high school seniors to share their thoughts on the U.S. Army for a short-form documentary. We want candid responses from individuals who are willing to speak their mind on camera. We're not filtering for individuals who have a positive or negative bias--we want all perspectives on the matter. Most importantly--we just want you to be honest. You do not have to be an actor or actress to audition for this casting call.

Casting Chicago High School Students for Film
We'll be filming Monday (11/1) - Wednesday (11/3) this week downtown (Michigan & Ohio). Times are TBD but generally take place during the day. Interviews will take no longer than an hour, and you will be compensated $100 for your time. We understand that the majority of our talent will need to leave school for a short time to attend the shoot, so we'll try our best to get you out sooner.

Audition Requirements
  1. Must live in Chicago, IL area
  2. Must be comfortable being filmed on camera
  3. You DO NOT have to be an actor for this audition
If interested in auditioning for this Casting Call, please email

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Older Women Casting for Actress in Commercial

Casting a woman actress in her 70's or 80's for a Commercial in Chicago.
  • 1-2 hours of Acting work 
  • You will be PAID IN CASH for this acting role 
  • The film will have just one evening shoot.
  • Great opportunity for an actress in Chicago to make some money and get involved in a fun filming experience.
  • This TV Commercial will be aired in Chicago, IL area to thousands.
Chicago Women Needed for this casting call

  • This casting call is for a Chicago Actress only. Must be within the Chicago area.
  • Please send resume + head shots if you have them 
  • Acting experience is a +, but don't shy away if you don't have any! 
  • Transportation can be arranged for the right actress (Chicago only).
  • This is a comedy so we're hoping you have a funny acting personality.
To audition for this casting call, please email with your talent resume.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Casting Call for Dogs Needed in Chicago

We are casting for 3 dogs which are needed in the Chicago area for a TV commercial. The dogs are needed for one scene that will be used in a TV commercial broadcasted in the Chicago, IL metropolitan area.

Casting Call for trained Dogs in Chicago
If you are a pet trainer and have several dogs (of any type) that could be used for this acting audition, then please provide photos and a resume showing your past animal acting experience.

Past On-Camera acting experience not needed for Casting Call
If your pet has not yet had on-camera experience, it may still be useful for the television commercial we are filming. Please don't hold back from submitting to this casting call. This is a dog casting call, please do not submit if you are just a human looking to act like a dog.

To audition your dog for this casting call, please email

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Director Casting Chicago Band

We have a former film director who is trying to establish a Chicago-based music band for a documentary film. We are holding auditions for this band casting call within the next few weeks. We would like to hear from some local Chicago, IL talent who are skilled in both playing in a band as well as acting. Before we start casting other bands, we would like to hold auditions for Chicago, IL bands.

Full bands can audition as well as solo band members looking for a new adventure. Acting experience is not necessary but film and stage experience always helps when auditioning. You must be within the Chicago area for this casting call or be willing to travel to Chicago.

Audition dates and location are provided by invite only. First please sent press kit and/or youtube/myspace video to